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Easy Alarm have created some articles giving information about burglar alarms that will help you select the alarms for your home and garden.

Type of Alarms - A review of the types of alarms available and an introduction to the technology employed

What Type of Burglar Alarm Do I Need? - A suggested method to assess the type and number of burglar alarms that will fit your individual needs

Preventing Garden Crime - Suggestions and tips that will help safeguard the contents of your garden and sheds

Burglar Alarms Myths - Many people think that burglar alarms are expensive to install and maintain, or that they don't deter burglars; this articles explodes these, and other, myths.

Do I Really Need a Burglar Alarm? - You may have thought about fitting a burglar alarm, but then wondered whether it was really necessary. This article answers the question "Do I really need a burglar alarm?" and may prompt you into action to protect your home.

Wireless Burglar Alarms - Modern wireless technology has made the purchase and installation of burglar alarms affordable, convenient and effective. This article describes the features of wireless burglar alarms.

Boat Alarms - Avoid the theft of your boat or expensive equipment on your boat by installing a boat alarm that uses the mobile telephone network to monitor the security of your boat.

The Quiet Revolution - What the big burglar alarm companies DONT want you to know.

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